Pond Cleaning — Pond Cleaners Florida

Welcome to Edenfield Corporation, offering top quality pond cleaning services throughout Central Florida including the Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach regions.

When it comes to professional pond cleaning, Florida is a state with high demand. The Sunshine State boasts more than 7,000 named lakes that measure more than 20 acres in size each, plus countless smaller ponds, many of which are on private property. A natural or manmade pond on or nearby your property can add thousands of dollars to your land value so long as it's beautifully kept. Many ponds can go years without intervention and still look pristine. But others with high fish densities or in areas with large amounts of debris likely will require the services of professional pond cleaners to remain healthy and retain their natural allure.

Florida pond cleaners are numerous, but Edenfield Corporation stands apart from the rest by also offering expert residential and commercial maintenance and lawn & ornamental commercial pest control in addition to lake management and pond cleaning and pond management services. Each of our services, available separately or as an integrated program, is guaranteed effective and safe. All of our chemical products used to beautify and protect your aquascape and landscape are EPA-approved for safety and efficacy. And we stay up-to-the-minute on all applicable local, state and federal regulations affecting aquascape and landscape management and pest control.

We offer services to a wide range of client types including individual home and property owners, residential developments, commercial and industrial properties, municipalities and other public sector parties, land development companies, yacht clubs, golf courses, and more. Wade through our website to learn more about our Florida lake and pond cleaning and management services, plus our pest control extras. Then reach us at (386) 631-2088 or via our online info form to discuss your unique aquascape and landscape needs.