Lake Algae Control

Nuisance algae can have a big impact on the ecological balance and health of your lake's sensitive environments. The amount of lake algae control needed is typically dependent upon the amount of nutrients being released into the water as well as the availability of sunshine to support its growth. Whether you use it for fishing, swimming, boating or all of the above, the natural beauty of your lake is a captivating feature that adds value to your property. That's why our treatment specialists always take extra care in using aquatic algaecides, herbicides and other chemical products to control undesirable aquatic plants.

Since there are numerous types of algae that feed off the Florida sunshine, trying to control the unsightly green plants can be a real challenge. Edenfield Corporation algae treatment solutions help eliminate toxic algae and unwanted weeds that would otherwise jeopardize the balance in your lake. And, as your lake or pond ages, we focus on preventative strategies to manage excessive plant growth that can reduce the oxygen in water to unhealthy levels. After all, a healthy body of water provides an important habitat for a variety of plants and animals.

The staff is highly trained in the identification and treatment of numerous algae types and will effectively rid your pond of harmful algae while preserving beneficial algae types and avoiding harm to fish and other animals. Since aquatic plants cannot make food without adequate sunlight, shading is another way to manage algae and exotic plant growth. Commercially available dyes can be added to the water to inhibit the light that penetrates the surface and feeds the nuisance plants. However, this technique should be used early on as aquatic dyes are less effective when plants are already growing close to the surface. So, timing is everything.

As a lake algae control expert, Edenfield Corporation utilizes the latest methods and products for an environmentally-conscious approach to aquatic management services. We help eliminate toxic algae and unwanted plants that threaten your lake's aquatic ecosystem. In addition to our lake and pond management services, we carry a great selection of fountains and aeration systems as well as provide EPA-approved residential and commercial pest control. Let us help you find and implement the right solution to help your lake thrive. Call (386) 631-2088 or complete our convenient contact form for a prompt response to your needs.