Pond Management

Edenfield Corporation's professional Florida pond management and lake management services are designed to address multiple issues that can affect the look, longevity and health of your pond or lake. When you call us at 386-631-2088, you are assured superior service from an expert team of aquatic management service professionals who take a comprehensive approach to lake and pond management.

Although the differences between a pond and a lake are the subject of much debate, it's generally considered that a pond is smaller and shallower than a lake and has a more even water temperature throughout, whereas a lake's deep water is much cooler than its surface water during the summer months. In any case, there are differences that come into play when providing services in lake management and pond management.

Florida ponds number in the thousands and include small private fishing ponds, agricultural and livestock watering ponds and commercial, industrial and residential retention ponds. Thus, pond management in Florida can involve a great number of variables when it comes to pond cleaning and maintenance services. Much depends on how your pond is used, how it was constructed, where it is located and what factors or threats the immediate surroundings pose. For instance, a retention pond is designed to collect storm water runoff and pollutants it often carries, such as motor oils from neighborhood automobiles. So, retention pond management treatments may necessitate a chemical cleanup. By contrast, a natural fishing pond likely will fare better with more environmentally sensitive options such as fish stocking and the use of natural bacteria blends to help break down pond sludge and to rid the water of excess nutrients and organic compounds. For livestock watering pond management, access should be limited to a small area so as to minimize erosion and runoff from crop fields should be diverted to avoid contaminating the pond with pesticides.

Superior pond management requires a depth of scientific and logistical expertise. If you are looking for top quality pond management, no matter the type of pond, Edenfield Corporation is your source.