Lake Weed Control

Edenfield Corporation offers expert pond and lake weed control in Florida tailored specifically for your lake's particular needs. By calling us at 386-631-2088, you'll get a top quality, individualized and comprehensive Florida lake weed control program that begins with a survey of your lake's surroundings.

Called the "watershed," the surrounding area that sheds runoff and storm water into your lake can have a significant impact on its health, including potentially contributing to the types of invasive plants and weeds that turn up. Seeds and seedlings can be picked up, carried and deposited into your lake by water runoff, animals, boats and trailers. These invasive species crowd out the more beneficial native species by competing for resources such as light and nutrients. An example that is prevalent in Florida lakes is the Eurasian milfoil, an aquatic weed that causes algal blooms by transferring nutrients from lake bottom sediments to the water.

When it comes to lake weed control, Florida is fast becoming a high-demand region. Weeds grow best in shallow waters more fully penetrated by the sun. Unlike the northern states' deep lakes formed by glacial movements, Florida's natural lakes were formed primarily by erosion and/or collapse of the karst limestone bedrock, resulting in a shallower, sloping shape. And Florida has thousands of manmade lakes, ponds and connecting waterways created for drainage, flood control, navigation, storm water treatment, irrigation, livestock watering, fishing, recreation and property value-boosting aesthetics. These artificial water bodies invariably are shallower than natural lakes and hundreds of them are coming of age, so to speak, requiring lake weed control treatments for the first time.

Edenfield Corporation provides three primary approaches to Florida lake weed control:

  • mechanical removal by hand or machine;
  • chemical removal using herbicides;
  • and biological removal, which involves releasing plant-eating insects or fish such as the hyacinth weevil or triploid grass carp.

Your custom lake weed control program will be developed based on your lake's primary use. For instance, chemical lake weed control works well for retention or decorative ponds, while the biological or mechanical approach is better for fishing lakes. Note that because the triploid grass carp is considered an exotic species, the government requires a permit for its release. And all chemicals used by Edenfield Corporation are EPA approved for safety and efficacy. We stay up to the minute on all state and federal regulations at play in lake weed control in Florida.