Pond Algae Control

In sunny Florida, lake and pond algae control is a must. Edenfield Corporation offers a full line of aquatic management services including water testing and algae control for ponds and lakes throughout the Sunshine State. Reach us at 386-631-2088 for a thorough analysis of your lake or pond's water quality and algae content, and a specially tailored lake or pond algae control plan.

Often and aptly called "pond scum," lake and pond algae of certain types can be unsightly and smelly at best, dangerous to you and your pets at worst. Toxic blue-green algae blooms, for instance, have been known to sicken, even kill dogs whose owners take them to ponds or lakes during the summer months to play, exercise and cool off. Algal toxicity also can cause skin irritation and illness in humans who ingest or come into contact with affected waters that lack adequate pond algae control. And it can cause significant fish kills either via harmful toxins or simply by sucking up the water's oxygen and literally choking aquatic life. Even beneficial microscopic algae (the primary source of dissolved oxygen in water and the source of its healthy green hue) can cause an unpleasant sight and odor if a change in water temperature or a days-long stretch of overcast skies causes algal blooms to die off. This can deplete dissolved oxygen levels in ponds and threaten the survival of dozens of aquatic organisms.

Thousands of varieties of algae exist, making appropriate and effective lake and pond algae control a tough and sometimes confusing job - especially in Florida. Algae feed off sunshine that penetrates deep water, so Florida's clear, sunny skies make the state's ponds and lakes a prime breeding ground for hundreds of algae types. Edenfield Corporation's staff is highly trained in the identification and treatment of various algae types and can effectively rid your pond of harmful algae while preserving beneficial algae types and avoiding harm to fish.

Lake and pond algae control can include the application of appropriate herbicides and the installation of water fountains and aeration systems. Pond dye also is an effective approach. The added color blocks the sun's penetration, curtaining algae growth and lending your pond a clean, inviting hue. If your water body's floor or surfaces are covered with unsightly algae, call us for a custom lake and pond algae control plan today.