Commercial Pest Control

For quality commercial pest control, your top choice is our sister company, Edenfield Corp. We serve Florida commercial and residential developments, primarily in the Central Florida region. Members of our company's Board of Directors have master's and doctorate degrees in agronomy from the University of Florida. Plus, we develop and implement our residential and commercial pest control programs based on research by UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). We use only the safest and most effective residential and commercial pest control products and techniques to ensure you and your tenants and visitors a safe, healthy and comfortable environment.

Our residential and commercial pest control practices are designed to rid your property of all the pests that damage and destroy your turf, trees and plants; and that pose a threat to your family, tenants, customers and other visitors via stings, bites and potential exposure to diseases. Among the common Florida pests we target are:

  • Insects that damage leaves and stems including webworms, cutworms and grasshoppers;
  • Insects that infest soil and roots such as grubs, mole crickets and ants;
  • Insects that suck juices from plants and transmit plant diseases, including leafhoppers, Bermudagrass mites, aphids and any of nearly 8,000 varieties of scale insects such as mealybugs;
  • Other leaf and root-eating pests such as snails and slugs.

If your property features a lake or pond, our residential and commercial pest control specialists will take extra care to use pesticides, herbicides and other chemical products that are EPA-approved and are sensitive to aquatic environments. We'll also create an adequate space buffer between your gardens and your water body, allowing us to treat your landscape while protecting your aquascape.

Whether your property is a personal home or a commercial/retail/residential property frequented by hundreds daily, it represents a major financial, time and energy investment on your part. Don't let tiny, unseen invaders chew away at your hard-earned assets. Contact Edenfield Corp at 386-631-2088 or via our convenient online email form to talk with a residential and commercial pest control specialist about your particular pest control needs.