Airboat Spraying

Our warm and sunny climate feeds the aquatic plants that cover much of Florida's waterways and wetlands. Left unattended, invasive plants can grow quickly in your pond or lake. While some types of vegetation provide beneficial cover for fish, many exotic weeds detract from the natural beauty of your lake or pond making it undesirable for other recreational activities, such as boating or swimming. In addition, unwanted aquatics consume important nutrients and can reduce healthy phytoplankton. But, controlling these nuisance plants yourself can prove to be a real challenge.

When access is too bad to launch a conventional boat or the water body is to overgrown, we have a solution. There is no job too tough. Airboat spraying is a cost effective method of excavating overgrown vegetation from your lake or pond.

Each year during the growing season, aquatic vegetation that appears on the surface of your lake or pond needs to be sprayed with herbicides. Airboat spraying is optimal for treating large bodies of water. Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences (FDACS) and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) control the use of herbicides in Florida’s waters, any improper application of chemicals can prove dangerous. That's why the use of herbicides that have not been specifically tested and approved is strictly prohibited.

When you choose the Edenfield Corporation, our certified technicians will apply the most current field techniques to evaluate each lake or pond before determining a long-term management program that ensures success. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can provide the most effective and efficient control for all types of native and nuisance aquatic vegetation, even in the most challenging of situations. All airboat spraying is performed by our highly experienced staff and any chemicals used will not harm fish or other wildlife.

Invasive plants share several characteristics. They grow quickly, propagate easily, and resist native pests. Our goal is to help retain homeostasis in your lake or pond, so that it stays beautiful and healthy, and financially expensive restoration projects are prevented. The use of specialized airboat spraying equipment and our years of experience allow us to provide you with high quality lake management services, from large lakes to small ponds. Contact us today and we'll make your problems with unwanted aquatic vegetation a thing of the past.