Pond Weed Control

Florida pond weed control and lake weed control are among Edenfield Corporation' specialties. Ponds built for fish production, storm water management or simply for personal enjoyment inevitably produce weeds and grasses. In order to keep your pond healthy and useful, call us at 386-631-2088 for a tailored plan for your pond weed control.

Florida ponds have varying uses, so the level at which aquatic plant growth becomes a weed problem depends on that specified use. For instance, a pond built for personal enjoyment and weekend/occasional fishing can tolerate more vegetation than can a pond constructed specifically for irrigation or high fish production. Shoreline weeds and grasses can help prevent or stabilize bank erosion; absorb nutrients, allowing for better water quality and affording cover for fish; and provide surfaces for the growth and colonization of tiny organisms used by fishes. On the other hand, if growth gets out of control, weeds and grasses can restrict access and usability of your pond. Most Florida ponds are shallow enough to allow for significant sun penetration, which lends itself to increased weed and plant growth. And municipal or company-owned retention ponds that are designed to hold runoff may be out of regulatory compliance if filled with aquatic weeds to the point of losing usefulness. Regular pond weed control maintenance can help cut costs and assure that your pond is in full regulatory compliance.

There are three primary methods for pond weed control: removal by hand or machine; chemical removal via herbicides; and biological removal, which involves releasing plant-eating fish or insects such as the triploid grass carp or hyacinth weevil. The type of pond weed control Florida ponds best respond to depends on the pond's purpose. Chemical weed control may work well for retention or decorative pond, while a fishing pond may respond better to the more natural approach. Note that because the triploid grass carp is considered an exotic fish, a permit for its release is required. And all chemicals used by Edenfield Corporation are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for safety and efficacy.

Whatever the use of your pond, freeing it of unecessary weed and plant growth assures better water quality and access. If you need pond weed control, we can tailor an appropriate and effective plan that meets all state and federal regulatory requirements.