Water Fountain Installation

A decorative water fountain installation does much more than lend a lovely look to your pond or lake. Benefits include reduced lake and pond algae, healthier water and fish, and fewer mosquitoes around to bite and potentially spread illnesses. Edenfield Corporation offers custom aeration system and water fountain installation as part of a full complement of aquatic management services, including the installation of Kasco Fountains. Reach us at 386-631-2088 or via our convenient online email form.

A quality aeration system or water fountain installation benefits your lake or pond by adding life-sustaining oxygen to the water. Aerators induce circulation of water and oxygen in your pond or lake by pulling water from the lower levels and tossing droplets into the air. On this airborne route, these droplets capture atmospheric oxygen and take it back into the water with them. Fountains offer the same benefits at a lesser intensity, but create an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your lake or pond.

Fish and other beneficial aquatic organisms need an adequate supply of dissolved oxygen to remain healthy and unstressed. Oxygen depletion can lead to algae overgrowth, attract mosquitoes and other insects, stress or kill fish and cause foul odor that drive away visitors. Increasing the oxygen level in your pond or lake jump starts a natural cleanup process that ensures a strong and inviting water habitat. And it's critically important in Florida, where the near year-round warm weather can hinder the waters' ability to dissolve oxygen, causing fish and other marine life to compete for a lesser supply.

An aeration system or water fountain installation in your pond or lake also helps keep mosquitoes and other stagnant water-loving insects away. The moving water hinders female insects from laying eggs and restricts existing eggs or larvae from completing the lifecycle. The bug-free results make aerators and water fountains popular in residential areas and in landscaped urban areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Edenfield Corporation offers expert aeration system and water fountain installation at competitive prices. Our fountains feature adjustable spray height up to 100 feet and colorful evening lights that add extra ambiance to your lake or pond and its surrounding area. All equipment including bank-mounted and submersible pumps, custom nozzles and wind level controls are made with durable, non-corrosive materials ensuring a long-lasting and reliable product. We'll walk you through each decision including the best type of aeration or fountain unit for your pond or lake, the most effective placement of the units and related electrical and power supply issues. We also offer repair of your water fountain or aeration system should a problem occur.