Fountains & Aeration Systems

Fountain and aeration systems help in controlling problems in Florida's lakes and ponds, such as algae, weeds, and aquatic odors. Lakes and ponds are constantly being depleted of oxygen in several ways. Aquatic plants consume oxygen for respiration at night, fish are constantly breathing oxygen, and bacteria consume oxygen as organic waste is digested. Since warm water is less dense, it floats on top of the denser cold water and deep lake water is often very low in oxygen. That can limit fish and other aquatic life to the upper few feet of water. With little to no oxygen at the bottom, toxic gases and excess nutrients are released.

Poor water quality leads to unwanted conditions including the overgrowth of toxic algae and nuisance aquatic weeds. When the water has low oxygen levels with large quantities of nutrients, the result is unsightly algae blooms, swarming mosquitoes and flies, as well as fish kills. The end result is foul odors and surface films that can leave your lake or pond unattractive and unproductive. Most lakes and ponds benefit enormously from the installation of fountains and aeration systems. The goal is to increase oxygen levels to stimulate a natural cleanup process that results in a healthy body of water that is aesthetically pleasing.

As part of the overall management strategy for your lake or pond, Edenfield Corporation can install a fountain or aeration system to improve the appearance and productivity of the water. One of the most popular methods used today are beautiful floating fountains with spray patterns designed to absorb oxygen from the air and transfers it to the water when the oxygen-filled droplets strike the surface. Our fountains can provide many spray patterns with high volumes of water being pushed by energy efficient motors. Fountains also may be ordered with digital control panels, timers, lighting systems and a variety of nozzle patterns.

Aeration is a natural, environmentally-safe and highly effective water quality management tool. In fact, aeration achieved with a fountain or aerator can make an immediate improvement in the appearance and productivity of your lake or pond. The splashing water sound and surface film reduction supports aerobic bacterial action, resulting in clearer, cleaner and odor-free water. If you're tired of looking at an ugly lake, call us today about installing a fountain or aeration system. In conjunction with our algae control and weed treatment programs, the increased oxygen levels will turn your lake or pond into a pleasing body of water.

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