Water Fountain Repair

Edenfield Corporation's quality aeration system and water fountain repair and installation services are performed by highly experienced professionals and our products are made with durable, non-corrosive materials ensuring a reliable and long-lasting product. But should something go wrong, we also offer quality, time- and cost-effective water fountain repair and water aeration system repair - even if your product was installed by another company.

Aeration system or water fountain repair can be avoided or minimized by choosing the most appropriate and effective type, size and placement for your lake or pond. Larger ponds and lakes, or those with effluent (out-flowing) water and those with a history of algae, fish kills and odor problems require stronger horsepower units to work effectively and last longer. Placement of aerators and water fountains depend on the size, shape and condition of your pond or lake. Irregular-shaped water bodies and those with a history of or potential for severe algae or weed growth may require the use of multiple units to ensure consistent water circulation and oxygenation throughout.

Occasionally, aeration system or water fountain repair is necessary because of debris that clogs the unit. Most units feature screens or filters that help divert debris. However, some are made with impellers (rotor blades) that chop weeds and debris and pass the tiny particles through the unit. Both aerators and water fountains have multiple parts including pumps, filters and various nozzles and, like anything else, an infrequent problem occurs. We stand behind each product it offers and will repair or replace any defective or problematic unit. For expert aeration system or water fountain repair, call us at 386-631-2088 or contact us via our convenient online email form today. We'll get a qualified and courteous representative out to your pond or lake quickly.