Retention Pond Maintenance

Retention pond maintenance plays a major role in Central Florida in providing for proper flood control as well as the efficient treatment of stormwater runoff. In fact, the engineering of basins to collect runoff from higher elevations is an essential step in the development of new buildings, subdivisions, roads and parking lots statewide. When properly maintained, these ponds function as a permanent "wet pond" to settle suspended sediment and other pollutants from surrounding areas. Contact us at 386-631-2088 for a thorough analysis and personalized retention pond maintenance plan.

Unfortunately, many area retention ponds are built, fenced and ignored. For these environmentally-responsible basins to function properly and safeguard against flooding, the area must be kept clean of trash, natural debris and overgrowth. Any buildup of vegetation, silt, trash or underbrush can compromise the integrity and reduce the capacity of your pond. Maintaining retention areas helps keep deposited sediments at the bottom and safeguards against flooding to adjacent properties.

Whether your needs include a one-time project to enhance your property and protect your investment or monthly retention pond maintenance services, we can  improve the function and appearance to protect adjoining wilderness, residential or commercial properties with services that include:

  • Management of Bank and Runoff Erosion
  • Assessment of Pond's Structural Integrity and Function
  • Vegetation Management and Removal of Nuisance Aquatics
  • Overgrowth, Trash and Debris Abatement
  • Sediment Assessment and Control Plan

Whether your retention pond is part of a subdivision, an established neighborhood, a private residence or a commercial property, we have the right equipment and expertise to complete your pond cleaning fast and professionally. We focus on the functional cleanliness, erosion repair, removal of overgrowth, elimination of inappropriate aquatics, and the clearing of runoff areas, drains, storm sewers and culverts. This is important to ensure other waterways and low-lying areas remain clean and healthy.

The State of Florida began requiring retention ponds in new developments during the 1980's. Since that time, the number of retention ponds have increased monthly throughout Central Florida. These vary in size from a small lake to less than 20 feet in diameter. As the agency responsible for permitting retention ponds, the St. Johns River Water Management District has established basic safety guidelines. In Orange County and Volusia County, local regulators do require fencing of a pond with a slope elevation greater than one-foot of drop for every 5 feet of distance.

Edenfield Corporation can provide the retention pond maintenance required to keep your runoff areas looking good and more importantly, functioning as designed. For a prompt, professional response, call or email us today using our convenient contact form.