Daytona Pond Cleaning

Edenfield Corporation provides a variety of professional pond cleaning and lake maintenance services including algae control, routine maintenance agreements, fountain installations and repairs, bank clearing and reconstruction, exotic weed removal, airboat spraying, and commercial pest control. Over the years, we have built our reputation on our knowledge, experience and outstanding customer service. Our Daytona pond cleaning service company specializes in the enhancement of the aesthetic appearance of residential and commercial property at apartment complexes, real estate developments, private sites, local neighborhoods, office parks, shopping areas, campuses and other public venues.

Daytona Service Area

Daytona pond cleaning service area map


Edenfield Corporation Pond Cleaning services can include:

  • Algae & Exotic Weed Control
  • Retention Pond Maintenance
  • Management and Repair of Bank Erosion
  • Pond Trash and Debris Removal
  • Sediment Monitoring and Cleanup
  • Restoration of Structural Integrity
  • Repair of Aeration Systems
  • Fountain Installations & Repair
  • Airboat Spraying & Mechanical Control
  • Shoreline Landscape Maintenance

We work diligently to establish good working relationships with our clients to keep homeowners, property managers, municipalities and community associations well informed about current aquatic control and maintenance issues that way everyone understands the results achieved through our pond cleaning services.

Detention Pond Maintenance

Ponds and lakes in Florida are essential to the proper filtration of stormwater as it flows from detention runoffs into local streams, creeks and rivers. Edenfield Corporation accepts the vital responsibility of maintaining these structures to ensure both the aesthetic beauty, and more importantly to prevent harmful pollutants from destroying healthy water supplies for many Daytona communities. Whether you have a small pond or big pond, a new pond or old pond, our management services will as needed provide routine site visits, water evaluation, vegetation monitoring, algae and weed control, mechanical equipment repair, and trash and debris removal.

If your detention pond has an overgrown shoreline or shallow water vegetation, it is easy for exotic weeds and invasive algae to hide the pond's true beauty. Plus, this can lead to water quality issues that can be detrimental to your lake or pond's aquatic ecosystems. So, it is always important to choose the right balance of mechanical and chemical controls as well as to apply those at the right time of year. With Edenfield Corporation pond management programs, you will enjoy perfect results every time, and our management plans will reduce the chances of your aquatic resources from ever looking like the "before" picture below:

before pond cleaning daytona


after pond cleaning daytona



Algae Control and Weed Removal

Aquatic plants are a beneficial part of Florida ponds and lakes but nuisance vegetation and algae blooms can have a big impact on the beauty and balance of your aquatic resources. A healthy balance of plants keep the water oxygenated providing both food and cover for fish while stabilizing the pond's bottom and shoreline. Algae and other plants convert sunlight into useful forms of energy to support many forms of aquatic life. However, when vegetation becomes extremely abundant, algae blooms can turn the water green causing foul odors and unsightly fish kills.

Our expert staff will often remove unwanted vegetation by hand (mechanical control) using rakes or similar devices. The frequency of pond maintenance will depend on the physical size of your lake or pond, the amount of sunlight it receives, the volume of plant and fish life, as well as the surrounding foliage. Many ponds have a large percentage of their surface occupied by diverse vegetation. Through professional aquatic control and timely treatment solutions, we can effectively manage algae blooms and eliminate exotic weeds that could otherwise jeopardize the balance of your pond's vital ecosystem.


Fountain Installation, Cleaning and Repair

Edenfield Corporation can install the highest quality and most cost-effective fountains and aeration systems available. We offer numerous nozzle patterns that provide a great look while providing the added benefit of aeration. The unit's size, design, components and location will determine how much ongoing maintenance your aeration system will need. Through our primary fountain services, we can: 

  • Install Fountains and Aeration Systems
  • Inspect Equipment for Proper Function
  • Drain and Clean Fountains
  • Check All Electrical and Plumbing
  • Address Potential Hazards
  • Clean Pump Intake and Filters
  • Backwash Water Supply Lines
  • Treat and Adjust Water Flow

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about Edenfield Corporation Pond Cleaning services. In addition to keeping your lake or pond looking its best, routine maintenance helps prevent harmful pollutants from contaminating your community's water source. You can reach a specialist today by calling 386-631-2088 or emailing us via our convenient online email form.