Lake County Pond Cleaning

Nuisance aquatic vegetation, algae blooms, trash, and overgrowth have a big impact on the ecological balance of your lake or pond. Our Lake County pond cleaning and maintenance services help property owners in central Florida keep their investment functioning properly and looking good year round. By applying environmentally conscious solutions, we can maintain your shoreline and eliminate toxic algae and undesirable exotic weeds that otherwise threaten the balance of your pond or lake. We also provide strategies for managing excess water from storm runoff to prevent flooding and downstream erosion while improving water quality that flows into local streams, lakes and rivers.

Lake County Service Area

Lake County

Edenfield Corporation provides aquatic services for fountain and aeration system installations, equipment inspections and repair, bank overgrowth and trash removal, algae and exotic weed control, lake maintenance, airboat spraying and mechanical control, shoreline landscaping and debris removal, detention area restoration, and retention pond cleaning in Lake County, including but not limited to the following communities:

  • Clermont
  • Eustis
  • Fruitland Park
  • Groveland
  • Leesburg
  • Mascotte
  • Minneola
  • Mount Dora
  • Tavares
  • The Villages
  • Umatilla

Aquatic plants are a very natural component of a healthy lake or pond. However, excessive overgrowth can have a detrimental impact on detention watersheds, retention ponds and flowing waters downstream. Pond cleaning, regular maintenance, aeration system repair and shoreline landscaping are essential to keeping water clean and healthy. At Edenfield Corporation, we work diligently to keep homeowners, property managers, municipalities and community associations well informed about the condition of their assets.

Detention Pond Maintenance

Lake County detention ponds are comprised of numerous basins designed to direct stormwater runoff from more elevated areas to a retention pond, lake, creek, river or other sheltered waterway. As a manmade watercourse, detention areas and retention ponds are vital to the development of commercial and business properties as well as residential subdivisions, municipalities, and roadways. Intense rain events can be problematic throughout central Florida, and when overlooked, can threaten detention pond stabilization. To avoid costly repairs and ensure long-term performance, the time to implement an effective maintenance strategy is now.

Edenfield Corporation offers Lake County pond-cleaning services to protect any property owner's investment. By applying professional watershed solutions using the latest technologies and methods, our experienced staff provides remediation and repair for slopes, basins and retention areas while keeping your annual maintenance costs in check. In addition to normal debris removal and slope maintenance (to control erosion), we can install, inspect and maintenance any hardware used in or around the pond. For worry-free compliance assurance, call 386-631- 2088 today to speak with a Lake County retention pond specialist about our reliable and systematic approach.

Retention Pond in Lake County Before Cleaning



Retention Pond in Lake County After Cleaning



Algae Control and Weed Removal

Aquatic plants and algae convert sunlight into useful forms of energy that support fish and other types of plants. However, when pond or lake vegetation becomes extremely abundant, algae blooms can turn the water green causing foul odors and unsightly fish kills. Algae growth is fueled by the abundance of sunshine, high temperatures and nutrients from waste in the water. As your lake or pond matures, the more you will notice submerged and emergent weeds. Our methods of mechanical control and chemical mixes will eradicate unwanted aquatic weeds, control algae growths and provide a balanced habitat that is safe for fish and wildlife.

Water is one of Lake County' most important resources. At Edenfield Corporation, our experienced staff is dedicated to preserving that resource. We always use the best practices, latest technologies and proven solutions for algae and weed control. The environmentally responsible algaecides our technicians use produce a powerful oxidation reaction that raises oxygen levels in the water to help control all types of algae and nuisance plants. In addition, our chemical treatments comply with all local, state and federal government regulations to ensure a healthy balance for connected eco-systems. To get started right away, contact the experts in algae control and weed removal via this website's convenient email form.

Fountain Installation, Cleaning and Repair

From the smallest to the largest, most Lake County ponds benefit enormously from aeration. With the extended heat and sunlight in central Florida, ponds and lakes can become depleted with less dissolved oxygen available for respiration,

Through Edenfield Corporation's primary fountain services, we can:

  • Install New Aeration Systems
  • Inspect & Repair Existing Equipment
  • Remove Debris & Clean Drains
  • Inspect Electrical & Plumbing
  • Identify Potential Hazards
  • Clean Intake & Replace Filters
  • Backwash Supply Lines
  • Treat Water & Adjust Flow

Fountains and surface aerators are investments that guarantee an improvement in the appearance and productivity of your lake or pond. Since the major supply of oxygen in the water comes from plankton, algae and submerged rooted plants, it is essential to keep watersheds and detention areas clean and operating efficiently. Speak with a fountain and aeration specialist today by calling 386-631-2088.