Sanford Pond Cleaning

A properly designed retention pond or stormwater detention area with a narrow fringe of aquatic plants will seldom cause problems. In fact, desirable vegetation growing in and around a retention pond can help to reduce bank erosion and capture harmful pollutants that might otherwise contaminate our waterways. However, a shallow pond with excessive gradual sloping can easily suffer an overgrowth of unsightly vegetation. Our Sanford pond cleaning services help residential and commercial property managers improve water quality while enhancing the aesthetics of runoff areas and retention ponds.

Sanford Service Area

Map of Sanford

Aquatic plants are essential to maintaining the balance of pond ecosystems throughout the Sanford area. However, without proper maintenance and vegetation management, any body of water can become an eyesore that emits undesirable odors and serves as an unwanted breeding ground for mosquitoes. Edenfield Corporation provides specialized pond cleaning services in Sanford, including but not limited to the following communities:

  • Downtown

  • Midway

  • Lake Monroe

  • Wilson Corner

  • Astor Farms

  • Lake Mary

  • Heathrow

  • Alaqua Lakes

All stormwater ponds should have routine inspection schedule and periodic maintenance, including the removal of harmful exotic vegetation. Retention pond cleaning, elimination of trash and debris, aeration system repair and shoreline landscaping are essential to keeping water clean and healthy. At Edenfield Corporation, we have years of experience working directly with homeowners, property managers, developers, golf courses, industrial properties, yacht clubs, municipalities and community associations to protect their aquatic assets.

Detention Pond Maintenance

Since aquatic vegetation thrives in central Florida's warm humid conditions, it is important to monitor and manage all overgrowth. When storm-water detention ponds are well designed and properly maintained, these runoff areas are highly effective in reducing the amount of pollutants that reach important waterways. In fact, these vegetated areas serve as a true amenity to a development, community or municipality. However, when balance is lost, aquatic vegetation and the buildup of trash and debris can become unsightly and degrade the overall quality of your pond.

After a sudden downpour, runoff is conveyed to a detention area by a combination of overland flow, ditches, swales and underground pipes. Once the stormwater reaches a retention pond, the sediment and pollutants settle to the bottom. Any overflow or gradual outfall of stormwater leaving the pond enters our area creeks and rivers as cleaner, less-polluted water. Vegetation helps balance the pond's ecosystem but, when overgrowth becomes unsightly, it can degrade the retention pond's function. Routine pond inspections and regular maintenance services can prevent your resources from ever looking like the "before" picture below:



Algae Control and Weed Removal

Lakes and ponds are a common sight in rural, urban and suburban areas of central Florida. Although you may not have waterfront property, some of the rain that runs off your roof, lawn and driveway will likely end up in a nearby body of water. In fact, most area ponds were intentionally constructed during a development process to help protect against flooding and to safeguard water quality by naturally treating runoff. Ponds with steep shorelines typically limit the growth of aquatic plants, but shallow ponds with gradual slopes can be victimized by a problematic overgrowth of vegetation and exotic aquatics like hydrilla and water hyacinth.

Algae growth fueled by nutrients from waste, an abundance of sunshine and high temperatures can be unattractive and lead to unhealthy water conditions. In addition, as the hot Florida sun continues to warm the water's surface, an overgrowth of submerged and emergent weeds can occur. Edenfield Corporation offers two methods of algae control and weed removal to restore your pond's natural beauty while providing a balanced habitat that is safe for fish and wildlife. Our mechanical control approach involves weed removal by hand or machine and our chemical treatments use algaecides that comply with all local, state and federal regulations.

Fountain Installation, Cleaning and Repair

Unless properly maintained, your pond or lake asset can quickly turn into a foul smelling eyesore. Fountains and aeration systems from Edenfield Corporation can add an aesthetic appeal to your pond while circulating stagnate water to promote oxidation and better bacterial digestion of excess nutrients.

Through our fountain and aeration services, we can: 

  • Install Aeration System

  • Inspect & Repair Equipment

  • Remove Overgrowth

  • Clean Debris from Drains

  • Inspect Wiring & Plumbing

  • Clean Intake & Replace Filters

  • Backwash Supply Lines

  • Treat Water & Adjust Flow

  • Eliminate Potential Hazards

By investing in a fountain or surface aerator, you will not only gain an attractive spray that can be lit for nighttime ambience, your water will stay clearer and healthier year round. Call our pond fountain specialist today at 386-631-2088 or email us via our convenient online form.