Lake Management in DeLand, FL


Edenfield Corporation provides lake management services in DeLand, FL.  We offer a full range of lake treatment solutions, including algae control, lake cleaning, and pond cleaning. We service residential communities, office and industrial parks, and municipalities in Daytona Beach, DeBary, Ormond Beach, Sanford, and throughout Volusia County, Lake County and Seminole County.

Maintaining Beautiful Lakes in DeLand, FL 

The beautiful lakes and ponds surrounding our DeLand community are susceptible to various pollutants that can contaminate the surface water giving it an unsightly appearance. Frequent rains and runoff from nearby agriculture and livestock farms, water treatment plants, homes and business, and industrial facilities can seep into the ground and flow into nearby watersheds making the lakes and ponds unhealthy. It can also attract mosquitos, insects, bacteria, and viruses. Our range of lake management services will keep your area lakes and bonds clean and healthy maintaining their beautiful appearance. The products and services we use for lake and pond cleaning are EPA-approved and researched by the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. 

Algae Control 

Most people are familiar with the group of aquatic organisms known as algae. Algae that bloom in lakes and ponds can be problematic. If not controlled, these hearty organisms will continue to bloom, depleting lakes and ponds of much-needed oxygen. An overgrowth of algae can produce foul odors and cyanobacteria, a toxic bacterium called blue-green algae that can be harmful to birds, mammals, fish, and even humans and pets. Our algae control services ensure that algae, weeds, and other aquatic plants don’t destroy the beauty and habitat of the lakes and ponds in your community. 

Lake and Pond Cleaning 

There are thousands of lakes and ponds throughout Central Florida that area residents enjoy for water activities like boating, swimming, and fishing. However, algae, litter, waste runoff, chemicals, and other pollutants can render the surface water unhealthy. We provide a full range of lake and pond cleaning services, including algae and weed control, airboat spraying, retention pond maintenance, and aeration systems that will protect and maintain the health and beauty of the lakes and ponds in your community. 

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